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Emma Shallcross

Interview with Emma Shallcross

Emma would describe herself as a developing runner always on the lookout for her next challenge. From swimmer to triathlete Emma has learned that progress in running starts with your mindset, closely followed by a true commitment of time to the sport. What is your proudest running achievement? I’d probably say completing my first solo…
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Oliver Harrison

Interview with Oliver Harrison

Oliver Harrison started running, very occasionally, in 2002 but only properly got into running in 2007. He was quite unfit, had a poor diet and was a smoker. Then, his girlfriend’s sister (now sister-in-law) invited him to join her and her partner to complete a triathlon. He did it by giving up smoking and training…
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Finding Ultra (audiobook) by Rich Roll

An Ultra Transformation

Discover Rich Roll’s remarkable journey from chronic alcoholic and overweight lawyer to one of the fittest men alive.

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The Extra Mile by Pam Reed with Mitch Sisskind

Tackling Anorexia with Ultrarunning

Read my audiobook review of ultrarunning legend Pam Reed’s autobiography ‘The Extra Mile’.

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The Benefits of Indoor Triathlons

Find out how I completed my first indoor triathlon and how you can create your own efficient test of fitness.

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Book Review: ‘Swim Bike Run’ by Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee

Learn from the talented triathlete duo the Brownlee Brothers in my book review od ‘Swim Bike Run’.

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Audiobook Review: ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

Discover the running story and advice from radio personality Vassos Alexander in his audiobook book ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

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The Usefulness of Indoor Rowing

Discover why rowing machines can be an effective exercise for runners but why I do not use them now.

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Book Review: ‘A Life Without Limits’ by Chrissie Wellington

Read my book review of ‘A Life Without Limits’ written by former World Triathlon Champion Chrissie Wellington.

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