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Snooker Table

Snooker as Practice for Running

My experience playing snooker and how the cue sport can help runners.

05/05/2018 2

New Advice from Neuroscience

Read my review of Amit Katwala’s insightful book ‘The Athletic Brain’.

04/10/2017 2

4 Running Lessons from Playing Badminton

Find out how I began playing badminton and the four ways in which the racket sport complemented my running.

20/09/2017 0

What Tennis taught me about Running

Find out what I achieved as a tennis player growing up and the lessons I now take into my running.

26/07/2017 5

What High School Basketball taught me about Running

Find out how I played basketball in high school, the success I achieved and what the sport taught me about my running.

19/06/2017 1