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The Ultra Mindset by Travis Macy

How to Gain an Ultra Mindset

Read my review of ultrarunning legend Travis Macy’s audiobook ‘The Ultra Mindset’.

30/12/2017 1
'Get Running' book by Matt Roberts

Why Everyone Should Consider Running

Read my review of ‘Get Running’, an informative and comprehensive running book by Matt Roberts.

23/12/2017 0
Never Wipe Your Ass with a Squirrel (2013) by Jason Robillard

Mitigating the Challenges of Ultramarathons

Read my book review of Jason Robillard’s unorthodox ultramarathon guide ‘Never Wipe Your Ass with a Squirrel’.

13/12/2017 1
Finding Ultra (audiobook) by Rich Roll

An Ultra Transformation

Discover Rich Roll’s remarkable journey from chronic alcoholic and overweight lawyer to one of the fittest men alive.

09/12/2017 0
'Running and Stuff' by James Adams

Embracing the Fear of Ultramarathons

Read the down-to-earth story of James Adams, an ultramarathon from Britain, who authored ‘Running and Stuff’.

25/11/2017 3

Discover the World through Running

Read about different running cultures in my audiobook review of ‘Run the World’ by top runner Becky Wade.

18/11/2017 0

Run to Feel Alive

Learn how we evolved to become running people in Christopher McDougall’s awe-inspiring audiobook ‘Born to Run’.

04/11/2017 3

Alternative Measures of Running Success

Read my review of Lisa Jackson’s book ‘Your Pace or Mine?’, which details her journey from fearing exercise to embracing marathons and fellow runners.

28/10/2017 1

Japanese Running Culture

Read the many running lessons I found in Adharanand Finn’s audiobook ‘The Way of the Runner’.

14/10/2017 2

Running Tips from Lazy Girl

Discover the levelheaded approach that Laura Fountain, a UK qualified athletics coach, takes to running. The discussions in her podcast episodes remind me of the value of running buddies.

07/10/2017 1

Expert Advice from Ultrarunner Lisa Tamati

Read what I extracted from Lisa’s extraordinary ultrarunning adventures detailed in her book ‘Running to Extremes’.

30/09/2017 0

The Running Career of Charlie Engle

Read what I learnt from listening to ultrarunner Charlie Engle’s audiobook memoir ‘Running Man’.

16/09/2017 3

Why I Listen to the Strength Running Podcast

Discover what I have already learnt from listening to the podcast hosted by renown running coach and author Jason Fitzgerald.

26/08/2017 0

Usain Bolt in his Own Words

Understand how the sprinter Usain Bolt became a legend and the lessons that runners can take from him.

19/08/2017 2

Audiobook Review: ‘Eat and Run’ by Scott Jurek

Read the career successes of ultramarathon legend Scott Jurek, the people that influenced him and his running advice.

14/08/2017 6

Book Review: ‘Keep on Running’ by Phil Hewitt

I summarise the valuable experiences marathon addict Phil Hewitt outlines in his book ‘Keep on Running’.

12/08/2017 0

Book Review: ‘Finding Gobi’ by Dion Leonard

Read my book review of ‘Finding Gobi’ by Dion Leonard and discover his incredible running adventure with his small dog.

02/08/2017 1

Audiobook Review: ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

Discover the running story and advice from radio personality Vassos Alexander in his audiobook book ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

19/07/2017 1

Audiobook Review: ‘Running with the Kenyans’

Read the many teachings from Kenyan running culture in Adharanand Finn’s audiobook ‘Running with the Kenyans’.

15/07/2017 1

Book Review: ‘A Life Without Limits’ by Chrissie Wellington

Read my book review of ‘A Life Without Limits’ written by former World Triathlon Champion Chrissie Wellington.

08/07/2017 3

Podcast Review: Sage Running

Discover the running advice coaches Sage Canaday and Sandi Nypaver provide on their podcast and my favourite episode.

28/06/2017 0

Audiobook Review: ‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running’ by Haruki Murakami

Learn what I extracted from the running memoir of famous novelist Haruki Murakami.

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