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Endure by Alex Hutchinson - Grounded Runner

6 Elements to Improve Endurance Running

Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance (2018) by Alex Hutchinson Theory A traditional view of endurance is that the body is a ‘machine’, limited by the muscles’ ability to use energy and oxygen. However, more recently, researchers such as Tim Noakes and Samuele Marcora have asserted that human limits are defined…
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Hard Cycling Test

First Test Cycling Hard

A more confidence-boosting test of how fast a pace I can maintain on my new turbo trainer.

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Runner and Coach

Two Voices in My Running

Read about the roles that runners and coaches play and how I use this in my own running.

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Running Science: Optimising Training and Performance

Advice to Optimise Your Running

The best advice from the book ‘Running Science’ edited by John Brewer.

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New Advice from Neuroscience

Read my review of Amit Katwala’s insightful book ‘The Athletic Brain’.

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