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Book Review of RUN! (2011) by Dean Karnazes

Outlasting Ultra Pain for Great Causes

Discover the incredible runs “Karno” has completed and the reason his pain is worth experiencing.

05/12/2018 0
How to Run for Life

How to Run for Life

Read my advice about how you can better appreciate your running.

21/04/2018 1
The Coach by Patrick Mouratoglou

Lessons from an Elite Tennis Coach

Read my book review of Patrick Mouratoglou’s autobiography ‘The Coach’.

10/03/2018 0
Inspiration for Running the Mile

My Inspiration to Run a Fast Mile

Read the three people that most motivate me to focus on running my fastest mile.

24/02/2018 0
Twin Tracks: The Autobiography by Roger Bannister

Famous Contributions of Sir R Bannister

Read my book review of Sir Roger Bannister’s autobiography, Twin Tracks.

20/01/2018 3