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Planning for a Running Injury

Why and How to Plan for a Running Injury

If I consider what I would do if I got a running injury my instinct would be to “push through the pain”. Perhaps reduce my volume or intensity, or both. But stopping my running altogether would be my last option. I’m a runner, after all. Therefore, I must keep running. In the past I believed…
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My New Bike

Start of a New (Cycling) Journey

The start of my cross-training for my next marathon with the help of my new turbo trainer.

18/09/2018 5
Injured and Cycling

Suspected Stress Fractures Reduces my Training

An unexpectedly low mileage week, and an alternative plan for my training.

10/09/2018 2
New Vivobarefoot Shoes

Enjoying Cross-Training

My ongoing workouts to deal with my stubborn shin injury in only my third week of preparations for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018.

11/06/2018 3
Gym Selfie

Accepting a Recurring Injury

The story behind an unexpected injury that forced me to adjust my training in only my second week of preparations for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018.

04/06/2018 5

Reducing Training Stress (Week 2)

I learnt another two valuable lessons in my second week of my 10-mile training plan.

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What to do with MTSS

My current running injury and my academic research into the causes and treatments.

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Quote about Coping with Postponed Running Events

Coping with Postponed Events

Read my advice about how to better deal with those aspects of racing that runners cannot control.

17/03/2018 1

Overcoming An Early Injury

The challenges I faced during the third week of training for my One Mile Challenge.

22/01/2018 1

First Complications of My Fast Training

The stories and workouts from the second week of training for my One Mile Challenge.

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How I Trained for my Quickest Marathon

Discover the flexible 24-week training plan I followed to run my fastest marathon to date in late 2017.

13/11/2017 2

Run to Feel Alive

Learn how we evolved to become running people in Christopher McDougall’s awe-inspiring audiobook ‘Born to Run’.

04/11/2017 3