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Laura Cope

Interview with Laura Cope

Laura Cope is 44 years old and started running around 12 years ago. After a few false starts and injuries she joined a running club 9 years ago and has been running consistently ever since. A physio once advised her not to run more than 10k. She has now completed nine marathons (including a multi-day…
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04/09/2019 0
My Winter Training 2019

Winter Training 2019

Goals of Winter Training Winter training is crucial for runners of all abilities. Generally, this period is a time to build an aerobic base, without the pressure of running hard. Thankfully (for some), the early months of the year are not packed with road races for recreational runners. After 2018, which saw me suffer intermittently…
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27/03/2019 1
Cycling Longer

Extending Time on the Saddle

A summary of the second 4-day block of my turbo training,

26/09/2018 1
My New Bike

Start of a New (Cycling) Journey

The start of my cross-training for my next marathon with the help of my new turbo trainer.

18/09/2018 5
Aiming to Win the Clacton Half Marathon 2018

Aiming to Win a Race

Discover the race I have identified as my best chance to win, and how I will tackle the challenge.

20/05/2018 11
3 Advantages of Walking for Runners

Walk to Assist your Running

Walking is an act most of us take for granted. But every runner can use walking to their advantage.

20/11/2017 3