Easy Workout with New Tyre

My new turbo trainer tyre arrived in the post today.
But I forgot the tools needed to change my current tyre.
So I bought a bicycle pump, valve adaptor and a repair kit.

The new tyre will wear less and save my original tyre in case I ever cycle on the roads.

I wanted to cycle easy today, so I popped my earphones in and forgot about my pace.
Instead I stayed consistent and enjoyed the constant motion of my legs.
The seat felt more comfortable too.

My heart rate was low and my mind focused on Kathrine Switzer’s marathon journey.
With a rest day tomorrow I was satisfied that my fourth workout was easier than my first workout, at the same effort level.

Day 4
1 hour cycle at steady-pace
(average 21.9 mph and 99 rpm)

‘Comfortable Running’: Part 1

I use the phrase ‘comfortable running’ to refer to running that is at an easy and manageable pace, or low intensity.

There are two indicators that I use to ensure I am keeping to this form of running. The first is that I can multi-task. This means that I can run while I scan the scenery, or while I talk with someone beside me. The second is that I feel I could run at this pace for a very long time and distance.

I find there are many benefits of ‘comfortable running’.

  • It builds a good fitness base as it strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • It is ideal for warm ups and cool downs. In particular it mentally and physically prepares me for more intense running to follow.
  • It is ideal for recovery between harder running intervals.
  • It helps me to meet a weekly mileage target.
  • It provides low stress on my body and mind.
  • It allows me to focus on running technique and how I am feeling.

There are a number of other reasons that I run at this comfortable level of effort.

  • If I do not want to run harder or longer workouts.
  • If I am returning to running after an injury or a period of absence.
  • If I am recovering from a recent race or hard workout.

Recently, I have committed to running 50-60% of my weekly mileage at this ‘comfortable’ pace. This ensures I stay injury-free and feel fresh to run harder during my remaining workouts.