Kale and Lemon Smoothie

This sweet drink is packed with vitamins and dietary fibre, a nutritious addition to any runner’s diet. The recipe builds on the carrot and apple juice I made.

I blend the following ingredients in a high speed blender for 60 seconds:

1 large lemon (vitamin C and bioflavonols)

1 large apple (antioxidants and vitamin C)

1 large carrot (vitamin A and calcium)

65g of kale (vitamin B6 and potassium)

15g of wheat bran (fibre and protein)

250 ml of cold water

Kale and Lemon Smoothie

Why I Consume Pea Protein Powder

I began supplementing my diet with vegan protein powder in late July 2016.

The purpose was to ensure my diet best supports my running training.


  • It ensures I eat additional and necessary protein to maintain my healthy vegan diet.
  • It means I recover quickly and consistently as a runner who exercises regularly and intensely.
  • It is a relatively cheap source of high quality protein (18-21p per 30g serving)*.
  • It encourages me to make delicious smoothies rich in protein, such as the Cherry Cacao Shake.
  • It makes me feel that I am taking my running seriously, providing me with extra confidence.


  • The lack of flavour means that mixing the powder with just water and/or soya milk does not elicit the best taste.
  • It took me months to gain the habit of making and drinking a pea protein smoothie after my workouts and on rest days.

I chose to consume the pea variety as it has 80% protein in every serving, and is significantly cheaper than alternative forms such as hemp and brown rice.

I would recommend any serious runner to consider taking this or similar supplements to enhance, not replace, existing protein intake.


* The price is based on buying the powder in 5kg bulk bags as I do from a local supplier, Bulk Powders.