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The Road to Sparta by Dean Karnazes

The Road to Sparta by Dean Karnazes: Book Review

How did Dean Karnazes’ heritage influence his running? Both his maternal and paternal roots are in Greece, and are known for both their resilience and tranquil way of life. Karnazes’s genetic linkage is also distinguished by abnormally enlarged, bifurcated calf muscles. Growing up, did Dean Karnazes run? Yes, Karnazes did run, winning a mile race…
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Run Like Duck 2018 Book Mark Atkinson

Run Like Duck by Mark Atkinson: Book Review

This book review of Run Like Duck by Mark Atkinson answers the 15 most important questions every runner should know. What is Run Like Duck? Run Like Duck is an autobiographical book, which details the running journey of UK’s Mark Atkinson. When was Run Like Duck published? The paperback was published on 15 November 2018…
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Endure by Alex Hutchinson - Grounded Runner

6 Elements to Improve Endurance Running

Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance (2018) by Alex Hutchinson Theory A traditional view of endurance is that the body is a ‘machine’, limited by the muscles’ ability to use energy and oxygen. However, more recently, researchers such as Tim Noakes and Samuele Marcora have asserted that human limits are defined…
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Book Review of RUN! (2011) by Dean Karnazes

Outlasting Ultra Pain for Great Causes

Discover the incredible runs “Karno” has completed and the reason his pain is worth experiencing.

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Running Up That Hill by Vassos Alexander

Solutions to the Uphill Battle of Ultramarathons

Read more about the ultramarathon exploits of British radio personality Vassos Alexander in his book ‘Running up that Hill’.

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The front cover of 'Arthur'

Adventure Racing Dog

Read my review of Mikael Lindnord’s book ‘Arthur’ about a personal connection between a stray dog and elite adventure racer.

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How to Run: Improve Your Speed, Stamina and Enjoyment by Hugh Jones

How to Run

My book review of ‘How to Run’ by former winner of London Marathon, Hugh Jones.

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Running Science: Optimising Training and Performance

Advice to Optimise Your Running

The best advice from the book ‘Running Science’ edited by John Brewer.

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Book Review: ‘Swim Bike Run’ by Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee

Learn from the talented triathlete duo the Brownlee Brothers in my book review od ‘Swim Bike Run’.

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Book Review: ‘Adventureman’ by Jamie McDonald

Read my book review of ‘Adventureman’, the incredible story of how and why Jamie McDonald ran across Canada.

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