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Irish 'Parkrun Tourist'

Interview with Irish ‘Parkrun Tourist’

Donal Murphy was born in Ireland and played Gaelic football until in 2010 he hurt his back and couldn’t play anymore. Ever since he has focused on non-contact sports, such as triathlon. As of 2 March 2019, he ran all 111 parkruns in Ireland. It took him two and a half years. He documented his…
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17/04/2019 0
Grounded Runner

A Sporting Holiday

Discover what I got up to during my week-long holiday abroad to stay fit and ready for my sub 5-minute mile attempts.

26/03/2018 3

First Signs of Progress

The pleasing performances I achieved during the fourth week of training for my One Mile Challenge.

29/01/2018 0

Race Report: Basildon 5km

Read how I performed in my first 5 km race and achieved the time I set myself.

21/08/2017 0