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Avoid Over-Racing

My reflections and advice on over-racing, inspired by Alex Teuten’s article ‘Losing the Love’ in Athletics Weekly.

28/04/2018 0
How to Run for Life

How to Run for Life

Read my advice about how you can better appreciate your running.

21/04/2018 1
Runner and Coach

Two Voices in My Running

Read about the roles that runners and coaches play and how I use this in my own running.

03/03/2018 0

Why I Play Brain Training Games

Find out why I train my brain with mobile apps and how it aids my running.

30/10/2017 0

New Advice from Neuroscience

Read my review of Amit Katwala’s insightful book ‘The Athletic Brain’.

04/10/2017 2

Why Visualise Achieving your Running Goals

Understand the four main reasons you should spend time visualising your goals to improve your running.

25/09/2017 2

5 Steps to Visualising your Running Goals

Discover the simple process I undertake to visualise my running goals and how you can too.

13/09/2017 4