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2019 Saltmarsh Ultra

Saltmarsh Ultramarathon 2019 Race Report

5 October 2019 The race director counted down and shouted “Go!” I quickly maintained the 9:00 per mile pace I wanted. Runners were soon strung out along the grassy trail. I briefly spoke to a competitor with an American accent, who had previously run a 50k race. His predicted time was several hours quicker than mine.I passed through…
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Great Baddow 10 Mile Road Race Medal

2019 Great Baddow 10 Mile Race

My race report from my third 10 mile race, almost beating my time from my race 13 days prior.

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2019 Witham May Day 10 t-shirt

2019 Witham May Day 10

My race report from my second 10 mile race, achieving a new personal best from the previous year.

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My Winter Training 2019

Winter Training 2019

Goals of Winter Training Winter training is crucial for runners of all abilities. Generally, this period is a time to build an aerobic base, without the pressure of running hard. Thankfully (for some), the early months of the year are not packed with road races for recreational runners. After 2018, which saw me suffer intermittently…
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My 2019 Running Goals - Grounded Runner

My 2019 Running Goals

My focus for 2019 is consistent, progressive, endurance-based and injury-free running.

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Chelmsford 10k 2018

Strong Finish at Chelmsford 10km for Final 2018 Race

My final race of 2018 ended in a successful sprint finish, but not everything went to plan.

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Chelmsford Marathon 2018

Fought off Injury to Finish 5th Marathon in Row

My race report from one of my slowest and most challenging marathons.

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Aiming to Win the Clacton Half Marathon 2018

Aiming to Win a Race

Discover the race I have identified as my best chance to win, and how I will tackle the challenge.

20/05/2018 11
Witham May Day 10 2018

Running 10 Miles Home

My race report from my first ever 10 mile race in my home town, achieving two important goals I set myself.

08/05/2018 2
Snooker Table

Snooker as Practice for Running

My experience playing snooker and how the cue sport can help runners.

05/05/2018 2

What to do with MTSS

My current running injury and my academic research into the causes and treatments.

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Colchester Half Marathon 2012 Finish

Racing to Celebrate Family Time

Read my report from a special race in 2012, but for reasons unrelated to running.

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Why I Became a Club Runner

Why I Became a Club Runner

Discover the reasons I joined my local running club in December 2017 and the benefits I have experienced.

27/12/2017 5
The Second Reason I Run

Why I Run: Reason 2

Discover my overriding motivation to view running as a lifelong pursuit.

18/12/2017 1
Forward Hang Stretch

My Favourite Post-Run Stretch

Discover which stretch I undertake first after a run and how I perform it.

16/12/2017 1
Post-Race of Witham May Day 5 Mile race in 2016

Serious Racing at my First 5 Miler

Read my race report of my first 5 mile race on a course very familiar to me.

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Vibram FiveFingers Bikila (Blue) Barefoot Running Shoes

Why I Run in Barefoot Shoes

Discover how I became a barefoot runner and the benefits of switching from wearing running trainers.

04/12/2017 11

Returning Home to Improve Half Marathon

Read my race report from my second Southend half marathon in the summer of 2016.

29/11/2017 6

Why I Run: Reason 1

Discover some of the places I have run and how every run is unique.

27/11/2017 2
Running without an Affiliation

Why I have Never Run for a Club

Discover the reasons I have never joined a running club.

22/11/2017 3

How I Trained for my Quickest Marathon

Discover the flexible 24-week training plan I followed to run my fastest marathon to date in late 2017.

13/11/2017 2

How I Improved from my First Marathon

Read my race report from my second marathon, where I rectified many of the mistakes I made in my first.

06/11/2017 1

Smart Pacing for my First Negative Split Marathon

Discover how I ran a new marathon personal best with a negative split and enjoyed every moment of the race.

23/10/2017 10

Pain and Joy After my Third Chelmsford Marathon

Learn how I executed my race strategy and my unexpected joy at my third Chelmsford Marathon.

21/10/2017 2

Adapting to New Circumstances during my Second Chelmsford

Find out what I overcame to finish my second Chelmsford Marathon.

18/10/2017 0

4 Marathon Firsts in Chelmsford

My race report of the first ever Chelmsford Marathon, which was held in October 2014.

16/10/2017 4

5 Ways Swimming Developed My Athleticism

Discover the many ways that swimming at an early age influenced my running journey for the better.

02/10/2017 0

Fear and My First Marathon

Check out the story of how I completed my first marathon in Nottingham by overcoming multiple fears.

23/09/2017 4

4 Running Lessons from Playing Badminton

Find out how I began playing badminton and the four ways in which the racket sport complemented my running.

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University of Essex Cross Country Championship

Discover how I performed in my first cross country run since high school and what I learnt from racing with the Olympian Dominic King.

09/09/2017 1

The Benefits of Indoor Triathlons

Find out how I completed my first indoor triathlon and how you can create your own efficient test of fitness.

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Race Report: Basildon 5km

Read how I performed in my first 5 km race and achieved the time I set myself.

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Race Report: Southend-on-Sea 10k Classic 2012

Read my report of the Southend 10k race, where I learnt the value of older athletes.

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What Tennis taught me about Running

Find out what I achieved as a tennis player growing up and the lessons I now take into my running.

26/07/2017 5

Race Report: Hardwick 10km

Find out how I beat the Hardwick Hill in my race report from the Peak District.

24/07/2017 4

Race Report: Bungay Black Dog Marathon 2017

Read my race report from an undulating Suffolk marathon, where I almost accomplished my dream of qualifying for the London Marathon.

17/07/2017 2

The Usefulness of Indoor Rowing

Discover why rowing machines can be an effective exercise for runners but why I do not use them now.

10/07/2017 2

High School Cross Country Career

Discover how I fell in love with running in high school and my achievements in cross country.

03/07/2017 3

Race Report: Maldon Half Marathon 2016

Read my report of a tough half marathon race that I led for a fleeting moment.

26/06/2017 4

What High School Basketball taught me about Running

Find out how I played basketball in high school, the success I achieved and what the sport taught me about my running.

19/06/2017 1

My Short Track Running Career

Discover what I accomplished as a high school track runner and why I do not run on the track now.

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