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Cycling Speed Intervals

Peddling to Find my Maximum

My first speed interval session on my turbo trainer; a test of my maximum speed and a new challenge.

27/09/2018 0
Cycling Longer

Extending Time on the Saddle

A summary of the second 4-day block of my turbo training,

26/09/2018 1
Training Tyre

Easy Workout with New Tyre

A new tyre and a relatively comfortable workout to end a four-day indoor cycling streak.

21/09/2018 0
Hard Cycling Test

First Test Cycling Hard

A more confidence-boosting test of how fast a pace I can maintain on my new turbo trainer.

20/09/2018 0
Cycling Stats

The Measures of Cycling Success

My confusion at comparing cycling metrics with running statistics leads me to one conclusion.

19/09/2018 1