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Lee Grantham

3 Training Principles from Ultramarathoner Lee Grantham

Read Lee Grantham’s 3 training features of his ultramarathon success.

25/09/2018 0
Jakob Ingebrigtsen

5 Secrets to Young Success of Jakob Ingebrigtsen

Read the 5 main components of Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s rising success at middle-distance races.

30/08/2018 3
David Weir racing London Marathon 2018

Weir Wins at Home Again

My opinion of David Weir, the T54 wheelchair racer, who keeps winning the London Marathon, and my thoughts on how great an athlete he is.

02/05/2018 0
Mo Farah running London Marathon 2018

Mo’s Marathon Progress

My opinion of Mo Farah’s second London Marathon and my thoughts on his future prospects at the distance.

29/04/2018 4

Avoid Over-Racing

My reflections and advice on over-racing, inspired by Alex Teuten’s article ‘Losing the Love’ in Athletics Weekly.

28/04/2018 0