Vegan Carrot and Apple Juice

Carrot and Apple Juice to Breathe Easier

This juice is perfect for runners to begin the day alert and refreshed.

11/12/2017 1
Finding Ultra (audiobook) by Rich Roll

An Ultra Transformation

Discover Rich Roll’s remarkable journey from chronic alcoholic and overweight lawyer to one of the fittest men alive.

09/12/2017 0
Post-Race of Witham May Day 5 Mile race in 2016

Serious Racing at my First 5 Miler

Read my race report of my first 5 mile race on a course very familiar to me.

06/12/2017 0
Vibram FiveFingers Bikila (Blue) Barefoot Running Shoes

Why I Run in Barefoot Shoes

Discover how I became a barefoot runner and the benefits of switching from wearing running trainers.

04/12/2017 11
The Extra Mile by Pam Reed with Mitch Sisskind

Tackling Anorexia with Ultrarunning

Read my audiobook review of ultrarunning legend Pam Reed’s autobiography ‘The Extra Mile’.

02/12/2017 1

Returning Home to Improve Half Marathon

Read my race report from my second Southend half marathon in the summer of 2016.

29/11/2017 6

Why I Run: Reason 1

Discover some of the places I have run and how every run is unique.

27/11/2017 2
'Running and Stuff' by James Adams

Embracing the Fear of Ultramarathons

Read the down-to-earth story of James Adams, an ultramarathon from Britain, who authored ‘Running and Stuff’.

25/11/2017 3
Running without an Affiliation

Why I have Never Run for a Club

Discover the reasons I have never joined a running club.

22/11/2017 3
3 Advantages of Walking for Runners

Walk to Assist your Running

Walking is an act most of us take for granted. But every runner can use walking to their advantage.

20/11/2017 3

Discover the World through Running

Read about different running cultures in my audiobook review of ‘Run the World’ by top runner Becky Wade.

18/11/2017 0

Advice and Benefits of Running Off-Road

Learn important advice from former elite fell runner Sarah Rowell in my review of her book ‘Off-Road Running’.

15/11/2017 0

How I Trained for my Quickest Marathon

Discover the flexible 24-week training plan I followed to run my fastest marathon to date in late 2017.

13/11/2017 2

The Meaningful History of Running

Read how running has changed over time according to the intriguing facts I extracted from Paul Owen’s book ‘For the Love of Running’.

10/11/2017 0

Vegan Cacao and Cranberry Flapjack

Read my recipe for this delicious, chocolate pre-run snack.

08/11/2017 0

How I Improved from my First Marathon

Read my race report from my second marathon, where I rectified many of the mistakes I made in my first.

06/11/2017 1

Run to Feel Alive

Learn how we evolved to become running people in Christopher McDougall’s awe-inspiring audiobook ‘Born to Run’.

04/11/2017 3

How to Breathe to Improve your Running

Read my advice on using the rhythm of your breathing to improve your running.

01/11/2017 2

Why I Play Brain Training Games

Find out why I train my brain with mobile apps and how it aids my running.

30/10/2017 0

Alternative Measures of Running Success

Read my review of Lisa Jackson’s book ‘Your Pace or Mine?’, which details her journey from fearing exercise to embracing marathons and fellow runners.

28/10/2017 1

Vegan Fruit and Avocado Smoothie

This tangy vegan smoothie is thick, and packed with nutrients and protein.

25/10/2017 0

Smart Pacing for my First Negative Split Marathon

Discover how I ran a new marathon personal best with a negative split and enjoyed every moment of the race.

23/10/2017 10

Pain and Joy After my Third Chelmsford Marathon

Learn how I executed my race strategy and my unexpected joy at my third Chelmsford Marathon.

21/10/2017 2

Adapting to New Circumstances during my Second Chelmsford

Find out what I overcame to finish my second Chelmsford Marathon.

18/10/2017 0

4 Marathon Firsts in Chelmsford

My race report of the first ever Chelmsford Marathon, which was held in October 2014.

16/10/2017 4

Japanese Running Culture

Read the many running lessons I found in Adharanand Finn’s audiobook ‘The Way of the Runner’.

14/10/2017 2

Fig, Grape and Walnut Bars

This frozen vegan alternative to a fruit and nut bar is ideal for runners.

11/10/2017 0

How Lunges Improve Your Running

Discover what muscles lunges target, how to perform them correctly and my personal records.

09/10/2017 1

Running Tips from Lazy Girl

Discover the levelheaded approach that Laura Fountain, a UK qualified athletics coach, takes to running. The discussions in her podcast episodes remind me of the value of running buddies.

07/10/2017 1

New Advice from Neuroscience

Read my review of Amit Katwala’s insightful book ‘The Athletic Brain’.

04/10/2017 2

5 Ways Swimming Developed My Athleticism

Discover the many ways that swimming at an early age influenced my running journey for the better.

02/10/2017 0

Expert Advice from Ultrarunner Lisa Tamati

Read what I extracted from Lisa’s extraordinary ultrarunning adventures detailed in her book ‘Running to Extremes’.

30/09/2017 0

Vegan Super Blueberry Smoothie

This cold light concoction has a strong blueberry taste. It is nutritious with plenty of water and quality protein inside.

27/09/2017 0

Why Visualise Achieving your Running Goals

Understand the four main reasons you should spend time visualising your goals to improve your running.

25/09/2017 2

Fear and My First Marathon

Check out the story of how I completed my first marathon in Nottingham by overcoming multiple fears.

23/09/2017 4

4 Running Lessons from Playing Badminton

Find out how I began playing badminton and the four ways in which the racket sport complemented my running.

20/09/2017 0

Vegan Cranberry and Oat Protein Smoothie

This creamy, sweet and protein-rich smoothie is a super post-run drink.

18/09/2017 0

The Running Career of Charlie Engle

Read what I learnt from listening to ultrarunner Charlie Engle’s audiobook memoir ‘Running Man’.

16/09/2017 3

5 Steps to Visualising your Running Goals

Discover the simple process I undertake to visualise my running goals and how you can too.

13/09/2017 4

The Plank as a Mental Strengthening Exercise

Understand why you should commit to holding planks, how to do them correctly and my personal records.

11/09/2017 1

University of Essex Cross Country Championship

Discover how I performed in my first cross country run since high school and what I learnt from racing with the Olympian Dominic King.

09/09/2017 1

Audiobook Review: Out There by David Clark

Read my reflections on David Clark’s audiobook ‘Out There’, a unique running journey to ultramarathons.

06/09/2017 0

The Benefits of Indoor Triathlons

Find out how I completed my first indoor triathlon and how you can create your own efficient test of fitness.

04/09/2017 0

Book Review: Marathon Man by Rob Young

Read my book review of ‘Marathon Man’ by Rob Young and discover the astonishing feats of endurance he accomplished.

02/09/2017 2

Why Run Strides

Learn the definition of ‘running strides’, the benefits of performing them and when I undertake them.

30/08/2017 1

How to Squat to Improve Running

Find out how squats support your running, the correct technique and my personal records.

28/08/2017 1

Why I Listen to the Strength Running Podcast

Discover what I have already learnt from listening to the podcast hosted by renown running coach and author Jason Fitzgerald.

26/08/2017 0

Vegan Banana and Blackberry Protein Smoothie

This creamy smoothie is delicious, nutritious and ideal for recovery after a run.

23/08/2017 1

Race Report: Basildon 5km

Read how I performed in my first 5 km race and achieved the time I set myself.

21/08/2017 0

Usain Bolt in his Own Words

Understand how the sprinter Usain Bolt became a legend and the lessons that runners can take from him.

19/08/2017 2

Why I Consume Pea Protein Powder

Know why I supplement my diet with vegan protein powder and how it supports my training.

16/08/2017 5

Audiobook Review: ‘Eat and Run’ by Scott Jurek

Read the career successes of ultramarathon legend Scott Jurek, the people that influenced him and his running advice.

14/08/2017 6

Book Review: ‘Keep on Running’ by Phil Hewitt

I summarise the valuable experiences marathon addict Phil Hewitt outlines in his book ‘Keep on Running’.

12/08/2017 0

4 Reasons to Record Running Data

Discover the four essential reasons every runner should use data to record their running.

09/08/2017 0

Sit-up Training

Learn why sit-ups help your running, how to perform them correctly and my personal records.

07/08/2017 1

Race Report: Southend-on-Sea 10k Classic 2012

Read my report of the Southend 10k race, where I learnt the value of older athletes.

05/08/2017 0

Book Review: ‘Finding Gobi’ by Dion Leonard

Read my book review of ‘Finding Gobi’ by Dion Leonard and discover his incredible running adventure with his small dog.

02/08/2017 1

Why I Wear Headgear whilst Running

Find out the important reasons I wear headgear when I run and how it is part of my pre-run ritual.

31/07/2017 0

Book Review: ‘Swim Bike Run’ by Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee

Learn from the talented triathlete duo the Brownlee Brothers in my book review od ‘Swim Bike Run’.

29/07/2017 1

What Tennis taught me about Running

Find out what I achieved as a tennis player growing up and the lessons I now take into my running.

26/07/2017 5

Race Report: Hardwick 10km

Find out how I beat the Hardwick Hill in my race report from the Peak District.

24/07/2017 4

Homemade Energy Balls

This extremely tasty recipe will give you plenty of energy post-run.

22/07/2017 2

Audiobook Review: ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

Discover the running story and advice from radio personality Vassos Alexander in his audiobook book ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

19/07/2017 1

Race Report: Bungay Black Dog Marathon 2017

Read my race report from an undulating Suffolk marathon, where I almost accomplished my dream of qualifying for the London Marathon.

17/07/2017 2

Audiobook Review: ‘Running with the Kenyans’

Read the many teachings from Kenyan running culture in Adharanand Finn’s audiobook ‘Running with the Kenyans’.

15/07/2017 1

Press-up Training

Know how press-ups support your running, how to perform them safely and my personal records.

12/07/2017 2

The Usefulness of Indoor Rowing

Discover why rowing machines can be an effective exercise for runners but why I do not use them now.

10/07/2017 2

Book Review: ‘A Life Without Limits’ by Chrissie Wellington

Read my book review of ‘A Life Without Limits’ written by former World Triathlon Champion Chrissie Wellington.

08/07/2017 3

Why I wear Running Jackets

Understand the running jackets I use and the features that matter most whilst running.

05/07/2017 0

High School Cross Country Career

Discover how I fell in love with running in high school and my achievements in cross country.

03/07/2017 3

Cherry Cacao Vegan Protein Shake

This protein shake is healthy and tastes of chocolate, yet is still vegan.

01/07/2017 1

Podcast Review: Sage Running

Discover the running advice coaches Sage Canaday and Sandi Nypaver provide on their podcast and my favourite episode.

28/06/2017 0

Race Report: Maldon Half Marathon 2016

Read my report of a tough half marathon race that I led for a fleeting moment.

26/06/2017 4

Audiobook Review: ‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running’ by Haruki Murakami

Learn what I extracted from the running memoir of famous novelist Haruki Murakami.

24/06/2017 0

‘Comfortable Running’: Part 1

Learn how I define ‘comfortable runs’ and why it is essential for runners to include these into their training.

21/06/2017 3

What High School Basketball taught me about Running

Find out how I played basketball in high school, the success I achieved and what the sport taught me about my running.

19/06/2017 1

Book Review: ‘Adventureman’ by Jamie McDonald

Read my book review of ‘Adventureman’, the incredible story of how and why Jamie McDonald ran across Canada.

17/06/2017 0

Why I use the Garmin Forerunner 305

Find out what I advise about running technology and the reasons I use the Garmin Forerunner 305 watch.

14/06/2017 8

My Short Track Running Career

Discover what I accomplished as a high school track runner and why I do not run on the track now.

12/06/2017 3