Pete Wallroth

Interview with Pete Wallroth

Pete Wallroth is 40 years old, married with three children living in Glossop, Derbyshire. He was a non-runner in 2013. He now runs 45 miles on average a week. He started road running initially but focus on trail and fell running since doing his first ultramarathon four years ago. He also runs to help recover…
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21/10/2020 0
Mark West

Interview with Mark West

Mark West is a runner and mental health advocate, having struggled himself with depression and anxiety. He uses running to support his own mental health and to help others. He is a mental first aider and the leader of Run Talk Run in Southampton. What is your proudest running achievement? My proudest running achievement is…
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Lee Brace

Interview with Lee Brace

Lee Brace was not a runner and not your average building surveyor. Following a health scare in 2016 (which turned out to be trivial) he started training for the 3 Peaks Challenge by walking. Walking bored him, so he jogged in hiking boots and became a runner. In 2019, he went big by running his…
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Hannah Craig - Runner

Interview with Hannah Craig

Hannah enjoys running as a hobby, especially important as her day job is 9 hours sitting down. She has run two marathons and is aiming to complete an Ironman. What is your proudest running achievement? Running the London Marathon in 2017. It was the first time I had run long distance on my own, as my partner…
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Emma Shallcross

Interview with Emma Shallcross

Emma would describe herself as a developing runner always on the lookout for her next challenge. From swimmer to triathlete Emma has learned that progress in running starts with your mindset, closely followed by a true commitment of time to the sport. What is your proudest running achievement? I’d probably say completing my first solo…
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Paul Neill

Interview with Paul Neill

Paul Neill got into running about 16 years ago, purely from a fitness and weight-loss perspective. He was 22 stone and has now run countless 10k races, half marathons and marathons. He has also recently become a coach in order to help others like himself. What is your proudest running achievement? My proudest running moment…
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Harvey Gallagher

Interview with Harvey Gallagher

Harvey Gallagher is a father of five, grandfather, vegan and not-for-profit CEO. He is an avid parkrunner and GoodGym member, as well as an ambassador for Kate Percy’s GoFasterFood and MegaMeterRun. He loves cycling and runs all distances, including ultramarathons. What is your proudest running achievement? There are many, but supporting a young man in…
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Sophia O'Sullivan

Interview with Sophia O’Sullivan

Sophia O’Sullivan has been running for four years off and on. She started as a volunteer at Poole parkrun and eventually got the courage to join in as a runner albeit a very slow one. Since then she’s discovered the joy of being part of a 12-month challenge with @MegaMeterRun, completing 50x 5km in 2019.…
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Oliver Harrison

Interview with Oliver Harrison

Oliver Harrison started running, very occasionally, in 2002 but only properly got into running in 2007. He was quite unfit, had a poor diet and was a smoker. Then, his girlfriend’s sister (now sister-in-law) invited him to join her and her partner to complete a triathlon. He did it by giving up smoking and training…
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British Athletics Cross Challenge 2020

British Athletics Cross Challenge 2020 Race Review

The British Athletics Cross Challenge attracts quality athletes from the home countries. On Saturday 11 January 2020, Stirling’s Kings Park hosted a very wet and muddy series of cross country races. In this post, I’ll answer the question “What happened during the 2020 British Athletics Cross Challenge senior events?” and what lessons all runners can…
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Neil Tabor

Interview with Neil Tabor

Neil has been running since spring 2018. After a medical in April 2017 he realised his weight of 16 stone 8 pounds needed reducing. He joined a gym and initially struggled with 5 minutes of brisk walking on a treadmill. He improved his diet and in April 2018 he had lost 6 stone. He ran…
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Mark Lawson

Interview with Mark Lawson

Mark Lawson has been running for about 10 years. He suffered a nasty bike accident when he was sixteen, breaking his right ankle and leg. He worked hard to walk again but was never into sports. Later in life, after a conversation with his friend’s wife, he realised he was approaching 40 years old and…
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01/01/2020 0
Denny Krahe

Interview with Denny Krahe

Denny Krahe grew up playing various sports but always hated running. In college, he ran enough to try to keep his weight in check, but never enjoyed it. Over the years, he continued to run for exercise and started to enjoy it a little more. After his first marathon, in January 2010, he swore he…
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25/12/2019 0
Chris Toddington

Interview with Chris Toddington

Chris is a very keen plodder and ultrarunner. He has been running on and off for 16 years, only taking it seriously from 2014 when he took over a friends place for a local half marathon. He had no prior long distance in his legs. He is a National Running Show Ambassador and writes some…
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18/12/2019 0
Jakob Ingebrigtsen

European Cross Country Championships 2019 – Review

The 2019 European Cross Country Championships was held in Lisbon’s Bela Vista Park on Sunday 8 December. The Portuguese capital city hosted seven separate races, with stand-out performances from regular cross country champions. In this post, I’ll answer the question “What happened during the 2019 European Cross Country Championships?” and what lessons all runners can…
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11/12/2019 0
Alasdair Barrowman

Interview with Alasdair Barrowman

Alasdair Barrowman is in his early forties and has been running since he was in the Army at 16 years old. He was reasonably competitive at cross country and completed several half marathons with a personal best of around 1:30. What is your proudest running achievement, and why? My proudest running moment is slightly embarrassing…
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04/12/2019 0
Steve Bonthrone

Interview with Steve Bonthrone

Steve Bonthrone has been running for 21 years. A back problem in 1997 gave him the push to get fit. So he entered the 1998 London Marathon and got a place. Crossing the finish line changed his life. He wanted to help people achieve things they previously didn’t believe possible just as he had done.…
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27/11/2019 0
David Swales

Interview with David Swales

David Swales began running five years ago after wanting to get fit as a result of being diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. He is not the typical type 2 diabetic as he’s not overweight, exercises a reasonable amount and eats a good diet. After a 10k trail race about 3 1/2 years ago he…
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20/11/2019 0
Gary Trow

Interview with Gary Trow

Gary Trow is an illustrator and 3D artist from Poole who now runs a training base near the Loire Valley in central France, for runners and triathletes. He took up running and cycling after playing football. He is still trying to break 3 hours for the marathon. What is your proudest running achievement, and why?…
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Lelisa Desisa

Men’s World Championship Marathon 2019 – Review

On Sunday 5 October 2019, Qatar’s capital city played host to the second ever night-time marathon at the World Athletics Championships. In this post, I’ll answer the question “What happened during the 2019 men’s World Championship marathon?” and explore the important running lessons all runners can learn. What happened in the race? The men’s marathon…
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Ruth Chepngetich

Women’s World Championship Marathon 2019 – Review

On Sunday 27 September 2019, the city of Doha was host to the first ever night-time marathon at the World Athletics Championships. In this post, I’ll answer the question “What happened during the 2019 women’s World Championship marathon?” and explore what lessons all runners can learn from this historic race. What happened in the race?…
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2019 Chelmsford Marathon

Chelmsford Marathon 2019 Race Report

Race Report: 20 October 2019 Before the race, I wasn’t sure what performance I was capable of. It would be the last race of a long running season. I had hoped before the year that I could set a new personal best. But that felt impossible. The weather was ideal; cool and dry. As I…
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2019 Chicago Marathon start line

Chicago Marathon 2019 – Review

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is one of six World Marathon Majors and has one of the flattest courses. On Sunday 13 October 2019, the American city was host to a new women’s world record and a highly competitive men’s race. In this post, I’ll answer the question “What happened during the 2019 Chicago…
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2019 Great Scottish Run start line

Great Scottish Run 2019 – Review

The Great Scottish Run is one of the biggest running events in Scotland and attracts many elite athletes and recreational runners of all abilities. On Sunday 29 September 2019, Glasgow hosted stand-out half marathon performances from East Africans, who dominated the race. In this post, I’ll answer the question “What happened during the 2019 Great…
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2019 Cardiff Half Marathon start line

Cardiff Half Marathon 2019 – Review

The Cardiff Half Marathon is an iconic road race for elite athletes and recreational runners. On Sunday 6 October 2019, the Welsh capital was host to some amazing Kenyan performances but sadly a runner also died after completing the event. In this post, I’ll answer the question “What happened during the 2019 Cardiff Half Marathon?”…
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13/10/2019 1
2019 Saltmarsh Ultra

Saltmarsh Ultramarathon 2019 Race Report

5 October 2019 The race director counted down and shouted “Go!” I quickly maintained the 9:00 per mile pace I wanted. Runners were soon strung out along the grassy trail. I briefly spoke to a competitor with an American accent, who had previously run a 50k race. His predicted time was several hours quicker than mine.I passed through…
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Helen Erwin

Interview with Helen Erwin

Helen is an author of historical novels by day, and a foodie and exercise blogger in her spare time. She’s been a runner since 2012, preferring to cycle prior to then. It was when her mother died that she began to take running more seriously. Running helped her get through the grieving process, and was…
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Justin Gillette

Interview with Justin Gillette

Justin Gillette is a busy man. When he isn’t taking care of his four children and spending quality time with his wife he is winning marathons, coaching runners and being featured in Runners’ World. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook. What is your proudest running achievement, and why? I often get asked what is my favourite…
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18/09/2019 1
2019 Great North Run

2019 SimplyHealth Great North Run

8 September 2019 Two minutes after the horn blew I crossed the start line. I took advantage of the wide road by  weaving amongst runners. The inevitable euphoria of a big race meant my pace was faster than I wanted. I slowed then kept my pace steady despite the surprising undulations. I had to keep…
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11/09/2019 0
Laura Cope

Interview with Laura Cope

Laura Cope is 44 years old and started running around 12 years ago. After a few false starts and injuries she joined a running club 9 years ago and has been running consistently ever since. A physio once advised her not to run more than 10k. She has now completed nine marathons (including a multi-day…
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Dina Asher-Smith

British Athletics Championships 2019 Review

The 2019 Müller British Athletics Championships was set for explosive action. Many athletes were racing not only for their country’s highest accolades. A place on the Great Britain team for the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha in a months’ time was also up for grabs. The surprisingly hot and windy conditions at the Alexander…
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Emma Neachell

Interview with Emma Neachell

Emma Neachell is a full-time hydrologist and part-time runner. Growing up in the countryside, she has always been a keen runner, representing her school at cross country and long distance events, starting when she was 11 years old. She then finished in the top 10 of the Midlands Independent Schools Cross Country Championships at Bedstone…
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21/08/2019 0
Yiannis Christodoulou

Interview with Yiannis Christodoulou

Yiannis Christodoulou started running back in 2012 after being inspired by the London Olympics. He initially wanted to get fit and stay healthy, but then lead him to competing for the Great British Triathlon Age Group Aquathlon team at major Championships. Follow his running journey on Twitter and Instagram. What is your proudest running achievement,…
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14/08/2019 0
David Knowles

Interview with David Knowles

David Knowles began running as a 16-year-old. He was a sprinter to begin with, competing at 100m, 200m and 400m. Then at university he moved to middle distance track events. His running highlights include running at Crystal Palace and at a Loughborough International event in the 1980s, and more recently running to raise money for…
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07/08/2019 0
Dominic Toms

Interview with Dominic Toms

Dominic Toms has been running since the 2015 London Marathon. He has now completed 16 marathons and is also a director of golf academy. More information about Dom can be found on his Twitter account and website. What is your proudest running achievement? My first London Marathon in 2015 is my proudest achievement because I ran the whole…
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Laura Muir

London Diamond League 2019 Overview

The Müller Anniversary Games at the London Stadium, East London, was the tenth Diamond League meeting of the 2019 season. There were a lot of impressive performances, especially from the athletes of Great Britain, such as Lynsey Sharp winning the 800m and Dina Asher-Smith clocking another sub 11 seconds for second-place in the 100m. Muir…
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24/07/2019 0
Sifan Hassan

Monaco Diamond League 2019 Overview

The second half of the Diamond League 2019 season continued at Monaco recently. Conditions were warm and windless in the city-state on the French Riviera. The glamour of the area was matched with some astonishing results. Give Your Best Only When You Need to As focused as athletes should be on the start line of…
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Nelly Jepkosgei at Lausanne Diamond League 2019

Lausanne Diamond League 2019 Overview

The Swiss city of Lausanne was the location of the eighth Diamond League meeting of the 2019 season. The headquarters of the International Olympic Committee are also situated there. In the warm 27°C conditions there was every chance that the competition would heat up. Self-Belief Extends Winning Streak After winning all three previous Diamond League…
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10/07/2019 0
Caster Semenya at Stanford Diamond League

Stanford Diamond League 2019 Overview

Instead of Oregon’s city Eugene playing host to the seventh Diamond League meeting of the season, Stanford University in California was the location for the (Steve) Prefontaine Classic. Notable athletes shone in the sun at the halfway stage of the annual elite series. Top Honours for American Men Unsurprisingly there was much anticipation for how…
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03/07/2019 0
Kay Drew

Interview with Kay Drew

Kay Drew has been running since the late 1980s, and ran her first marathon in 1994. She has completed a marathon in every US state, and qualified for the Boston Marathon more than once. To encourage new runners, she started a running group. It still meets weekly 19 years later, although they run less than they…
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Rome Diamond League 2019

Rome Diamond League 2019 Overview

The Italian capital Rome played host to the fourth Diamond League meeting of 2019, last Thursday. More British superstars were challenging themselves early in the season and testing their recent block of training. Unfortunately the Brits had to settle for second place as the opposition outclassed them on the night. It is a reminder that…
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12/06/2019 1
Laura Muir at Stockholm Diamond League 2019

Stockholm Diamond League 2019 Overview

The Swedish capital of Stockholm hosted the third Diamond League meeting of 2019 last Thursday. The windy and chilly conditions made the racing more challenging. But the quality field still shone considering it is so early in the track season. Asher-Smith Triumphs Again After her 200m victory in Doha (the first Diamond League meeting of…
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05/06/2019 2
The Runninger

Interview with ‘The Runninger’

Tony Green was born in Australia and when he relocated to Sydney he started running because he hadn’t any friends to play team sports. In 20 years he has run 15 marathons with a personal best of 2:56. He is also an advocate of minimalist running, preferring to wear mostly barefoot sandals. He documents his…
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Great Baddow 10 Mile Road Race Medal

2019 Great Baddow 10 Mile Race

My race report from my third 10 mile race, almost beating my time from my race 13 days prior.

22/05/2019 0
Baton at World Relay Championships 2019

World Relay Championships 2019 Review

The 2019 World Relay Championships last weekend was packed with drama. Unlike in usual athletics events, the constant baton changes between athletes proved the deciding factor in determining winners and losers. As a result the medals were never predictable despite the obvious world-class talent on display. Reasons for Imperfections   Nations with the very best…
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2019 Witham May Day 10 t-shirt

2019 Witham May Day 10

My race report from my second 10 mile race, achieving a new personal best from the previous year.

08/05/2019 1
Eliud Kipchoge winning the 2019 London Marathon

Virgin Money London Marathon 2019 Review

3 Lessons from the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon

01/05/2019 0
Planning for a Running Injury

Why and How to Plan for a Running Injury

If I consider what I would do if I got a running injury my instinct would be to “push through the pain”. Perhaps reduce my volume or intensity, or both. But stopping my running altogether would be my last option. I’m a runner, after all. Therefore, I must keep running. In the past I believed…
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24/04/2019 0
Irish 'Parkrun Tourist'

Interview with Irish ‘Parkrun Tourist’

Donal Murphy was born in Ireland and played Gaelic football until in 2010 he hurt his back and couldn’t play anymore. Ever since he has focused on non-contact sports, such as triathlon. As of 2 March 2019, he ran all 111 parkruns in Ireland. It took him two and a half years. He documented his…
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17/04/2019 0
Cashew Soya Protein Smoothie Recipe

Cashew Soya Protein Smoothie

This new Spring recipe is a special mix of fruits, cashews and protein powder to give you the best chance of recovery after a hard run. It only takes 60 seconds to create in a high-speed blender, but needs to be left in the refrigerator for an hour if you want the drink to be…
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10/04/2019 0
2019 World Cross Country Championships

World Cross Country Championships 2019 Review

The 43rd edition of the IAAF World Cross Country Championships was set to be a memorable one. 520 athletes from 63 countries were competing for titles in the Danish city of Aarhus last Saturday. The course, a 2km lap repeated multiple times, consists of constant undulations, with short sections of mud, water and sand. But…
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03/04/2019 0
My Winter Training 2019

Winter Training 2019

Goals of Winter Training Winter training is crucial for runners of all abilities. Generally, this period is a time to build an aerobic base, without the pressure of running hard. Thankfully (for some), the early months of the year are not packed with road races for recreational runners. After 2018, which saw me suffer intermittently…
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27/03/2019 1
Joyciline Jepkosgei at NYC Half 2019

NYC Half Marathon 2019 Review

The 14th edition of the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon was the biggest event in its history. Over 24,000 runners took to the streets of New York City last Sunday. There were also 9 Olympians on show as they made their way from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Despite the chilly early morning conditions, the racing was…
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20/03/2019 0
Sir Mo Farah at the Big Half 2019

Vitality Big Half 2019 Review

Both the men’s and women’s races were stacked with talent for the second year of The Vitality Big Half. This already popular event is also the British Half Marathon Championships. But many of the elite runners were testing themselves for the upcoming Virgin Money London Marathon. As the race unfolded last Sunday, appearances were deceiving,…
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13/03/2019 1
Laura Muir at European Indoor Athletics Championships 2019

European Indoor Athletics Championships 2019 Review

The 35th edition of the European Indoor Athletics Championships was set to be a thrilling 3-day event. Superstars of European athletics were on show throughout last weekend in Glasgow’s Emirates Arena, including double-defending champion Laura Muir, the three Ingebrigtsen brothers and the enigmatic Karsten Warholm. The home crowd had huge expectations for Team Great Britain,…
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06/03/2019 1
The Road to Sparta by Dean Karnazes

The Road to Sparta by Dean Karnazes: Book Review

How did Dean Karnazes’ heritage influence his running? Both his maternal and paternal roots are in Greece, and are known for both their resilience and tranquil way of life. Karnazes’s genetic linkage is also distinguished by abnormally enlarged, bifurcated calf muscles. Growing up, did Dean Karnazes run? Yes, Karnazes did run, winning a mile race…
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27/02/2019 0
Samuel Tefera at Grand Prix Birmingham

Grand Prix Athletics in Birmingham 2019 Review

The IAAF World Tour came to Birmingham last Saturday. The experienced international field were all looking to make their mark on the upcoming year with world leads. The competition was intense and ambitions high. But the overriding theme of the event was that others can truly make you run faster.   Oskan-Clarke Muscles to Victory…
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20/02/2019 0
Asha Philip at 2019 British Indoor Athletics Championships

British Indoor Athletics Championships 2019 Review

The 2019 British Indoor Athletics Championships, held in Arena Birmingham last weekend, showcased the best of British athletics. The two-day event did not disappoint. There were so many heats, semi-finals and finals that coverage was non-stop throughout Saturday and Sunday afternoon. There were storming wins for Laura Muir (in the 3000m) and Tom Bosworth (in…
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13/02/2019 1
Getaneh Molla at Dubai Marathon 2019

Dubai Marathon 2019 Race Review

The 20th edition of the Dubai Marathon is another spectacle of East African marathon supremacy. The elite race starts at 6am local time. The sky is still dark, but the bright streetlights and little wind mean conditions are ideal. The marathon is held on relatively new roads, with flat, smooth tarmac. The men’s race has…
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06/02/2019 0
Goji Berry Protein Smoothie

Goji Berry Protein Smoothie

This new recipe is a unique blend of superfoods, made from carefully chosen but accessible ingredients. It only takes 60 seconds to create in a high-speed blender. Simply add all the ingredients below and create a delicious and nutritious smoothie. 100g dried goji berries (calcium) 85g apple (vitamin C) 65g bananas (potassium) 50g ground almonds…
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30/01/2019 1
Run Like Duck 2018 Book Mark Atkinson

Run Like Duck by Mark Atkinson: Book Review

This book review of Run Like Duck by Mark Atkinson answers the 15 most important questions every runner should know. What is Run Like Duck? Run Like Duck is an autobiographical book, which details the running journey of UK’s Mark Atkinson. When was Run Like Duck published? The paperback was published on 15 November 2018…
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23/01/2019 0
Hillary Bor at Great Stirling Cross Country 2019

Great Stirling Cross Country 2019 Race Review

Although cold, conditions in central Scotland last Saturday were dry. Coupled with the fast, flat (for the most part) golf course, the Simplyhealth Great Stirling Cross Country races suited track runners best. The 3-team competition may not have resulted in a massive field of runners. But the rivalries were evident and promised intense racing over…
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16/01/2019 1
Vegan Pear Protein Smoothie

Super Pear Protein Smoothie

This light pear protein smoothie is refreshing, made from your favourite protein powder and a versatile fruit. This recipe takes 60 seconds to create in a high-speed blender.  Simply add all the ingredients below and create a great tasting and nutritious drink. 380g pears (vitamin C and fibre) 90g apple (potassium) 40g ground almonds (iron…
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09/01/2019 0
My 2019 Running Goals - Grounded Runner

My 2019 Running Goals

My focus for 2019 is consistent, progressive, endurance-based and injury-free running.

02/01/2019 0
Vegan Orange and Nut Protein Smoothie

Orange and Nut Protein Smoothie

This festive protein smoothie is creamy and nutritious.

26/12/2018 0
Endure by Alex Hutchinson - Grounded Runner

6 Elements to Improve Endurance Running

Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance (2018) by Alex Hutchinson Theory A traditional view of endurance is that the body is a ‘machine’, limited by the muscles’ ability to use energy and oxygen. However, more recently, researchers such as Tim Noakes and Samuele Marcora have asserted that human limits are defined…
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19/12/2018 0
Filip Ingebrigtsen Winning Cross Country Championship 2018

Elite Champions at 2018 European Cross Country Championships

The three lessons that every runner should appreciate, on display at the 2018 Cross Country Championships in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

12/12/2018 2
Book Review of RUN! (2011) by Dean Karnazes

Outlasting Ultra Pain for Great Causes

Discover the incredible runs “Karno” has completed and the reason his pain is worth experiencing.

05/12/2018 0
Running Up That Hill by Vassos Alexander

Solutions to the Uphill Battle of Ultramarathons

Read more about the ultramarathon exploits of British radio personality Vassos Alexander in his book ‘Running up that Hill’.

28/11/2018 0
Chelmsford 10k 2018

Strong Finish at Chelmsford 10km for Final 2018 Race

My final race of 2018 ended in a successful sprint finish, but not everything went to plan.

21/11/2018 0
Abraham Kiptum's World Record

4 Reasons for the New 2018 World Half Marathon Record

Despite the astonishing achievement I analyse why Kenyan Abraham Kiptum had many factors in his favour as he broke the long-standing half marathon world record.

14/11/2018 0
Mary Keitany winning NYC Marathon 2018

Waiting to Pounce at 2018 NYC Marathon

Read how the elite men and women fared during the 2018 New York City Marathon, and some tips every runner can apply.

07/11/2018 2
Eilish McColgan's Win at Great South Run 2018

Pacing, Surging and Pain at 2018 Great South Run

Read the battles between British athletes during the 2018 Great South Run, and the lessons all runners can learn.

31/10/2018 0
Chelmsford Marathon 2018

Fought off Injury to Finish 5th Marathon in Row

My race report from one of my slowest and most challenging marathons.

24/10/2018 4
Mo Farah at Bank of America Chicago Marathon

4 Reasons Mo Farah Won 2018 Chicago Marathon

Read the four main reasons I believe Britain’s Mo Farah claimed the prestigious marathon major title in Chicago.

17/10/2018 1
Commonwealth Half Marathon Championship

3 Lessons from 2018 Commonwealth Half Marathon

Discover my three running tips highlighted by the inaugural Commonwealth Half Marathon in Cardiff.

10/10/2018 2
Cycling Speed Intervals

Peddling to Find my Maximum

My first speed interval session on my turbo trainer; a test of my maximum speed and a new challenge.

27/09/2018 0
Cycling Longer

Extending Time on the Saddle

A summary of the second 4-day block of my turbo training,

26/09/2018 1
Lee Grantham

3 Training Principles from Ultramarathoner Lee Grantham

Read Lee Grantham’s 3 training features of his ultramarathon success.

25/09/2018 0
Training Tyre

Easy Workout with New Tyre

A new tyre and a relatively comfortable workout to end a four-day indoor cycling streak.

21/09/2018 0
Hard Cycling Test

First Test Cycling Hard

A more confidence-boosting test of how fast a pace I can maintain on my new turbo trainer.

20/09/2018 0
Cycling Stats

The Measures of Cycling Success

My confusion at comparing cycling metrics with running statistics leads me to one conclusion.

19/09/2018 1
My New Bike

Start of a New (Cycling) Journey

The start of my cross-training for my next marathon with the help of my new turbo trainer.

18/09/2018 5
Injured and Cycling

Suspected Stress Fractures Reduces my Training

An unexpectedly low mileage week, and an alternative plan for my training.

10/09/2018 2
Birthday Run

18 Miles to Celebrate my Birthday

The stats and images from my first week of training for the Chelmsford Marathon 2018 (and my eighth marathon), which ended with a strong 18-mile, long run on my birthday.

03/09/2018 1
Jakob Ingebrigtsen

5 Secrets to Young Success of Jakob Ingebrigtsen

Read the 5 main components of Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s rising success at middle-distance races.

30/08/2018 3
Vegan Protein Smoothie in July 2018

My Top 3 Vegan Protein Smoothies in July 2018

Discover what’s inside my cacao fruit and nut protein smoothies.

24/08/2018 0
Clacton-on-Seas Half Marathon

Windy Seaside Race Success

The report and analysis of my seventh half marathon race, in a familiar location in unfamiliar weather conditions.

20/08/2018 1

Reducing my Running Load

The stats and images from my ninth week of training for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018. I successfully reduced my running load.

15/08/2018 0
Running in Fields

Running Longer

The stats and stories from my eighth week of training for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018. I successfully ran longer and further.

06/08/2018 2
Reducing my Training Load

Returning to my Running Club

The stats and stories from my seventh week of training for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018. I successfully focused on reducing my training load.

30/07/2018 0
Building My Endurance, Injury-Free

Week of Building Endurance

The stats and stories from my sixth week of training for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018. I successfully focused on increasing my mileage.

23/07/2018 1
Tempo Intervals, Injury-Free

Quality Running, Injury-Free

The stats and stories from my fifth week of running training for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018 after staying injury-free.

17/07/2018 0
June Smoothie

My Top 5 Vegan Protein Smoothies in June 2018

Discover what’s inside my cranberry, apricot, chocolate , apple and pear smoothies.

11/07/2018 1
Running Injury-Free

Running Injury-Free Again

The stats and stories from my fourth week of running training for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018 after a period of cross-training.

09/07/2018 3
Cranberry and Date Protein Flapjack

Cranberry and Date Protein Flapjack

Discover my recipe for a delicious flapjack packed full of protein.

06/07/2018 1
New Vivobarefoot Shoes

Enjoying Cross-Training

My ongoing workouts to deal with my stubborn shin injury in only my third week of preparations for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018.

11/06/2018 3
Gym Selfie

Accepting a Recurring Injury

The story behind an unexpected injury that forced me to adjust my training in only my second week of preparations for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018.

04/06/2018 5
Bulk Powders

My Top 5 Vegan Protein Smoothies in May 2018

Discover what’s inside my deep frozen fruit, super orange and super kiwi protein smoothies.

01/06/2018 0
Week 1 of Clacton Half Marathon 2018

Starting a New Strategy

The stats and stories from my first week training for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018.

28/05/2018 0
Compressed Foam Roller

Why I Now Foam Roll

Read the story of what persuaded me to purchase and use foam rollers.

25/05/2018 3
Aiming to Win the Clacton Half Marathon 2018

Aiming to Win a Race

Discover the race I have identified as my best chance to win, and how I will tackle the challenge.

20/05/2018 11
Vegan Protein Berry Smoothie

My Top 3 Vegan Protein Smoothies in April 2018

Discover what’s inside my thick chocolate, thick berry and frozen fruit protein smoothies.

12/05/2018 0
Witham May Day 10 2018

Running 10 Miles Home

My race report from my first ever 10 mile race in my home town, achieving two important goals I set myself.

08/05/2018 2
Snooker Table

Snooker as Practice for Running

My experience playing snooker and how the cue sport can help runners.

05/05/2018 2
David Weir racing London Marathon 2018

Weir Wins at Home Again

My opinion of David Weir, the T54 wheelchair racer, who keeps winning the London Marathon, and my thoughts on how great an athlete he is.

02/05/2018 0

Staying Patient (Week 4)

Two humbling running lessons I learnt in my last week of training for my local 10 mile race.

30/04/2018 2
Mo Farah running London Marathon 2018

Mo’s Marathon Progress

My opinion of Mo Farah’s second London Marathon and my thoughts on his future prospects at the distance.

29/04/2018 4

Avoid Over-Racing

My reflections and advice on over-racing, inspired by Alex Teuten’s article ‘Losing the Love’ in Athletics Weekly.

28/04/2018 0

Building Mileage (Week 3)

Two more important running lessons I learnt in preparation for my local 10 mile race.

23/04/2018 1
How to Run for Life

How to Run for Life

Read my advice about how you can better appreciate your running.

21/04/2018 1

Reducing Training Stress (Week 2)

I learnt another two valuable lessons in my second week of my 10-mile training plan.

16/04/2018 0

What to do with MTSS

My current running injury and my academic research into the causes and treatments.

14/04/2018 7

Two Reflections on Transitioning to Endurance Training (Week 1)

I learnt two valuable lessons in my first week of my 10-mile training plan.

09/04/2018 1
Vegan Lime Protein Smoothie

Vegan Lime Smoothie

My recipe for a uniquely tart and sweet protein smoothie.

07/04/2018 0

Personal Records Tumble

Read about how I broke personal records at 5 distances on two days, 4 days apart.

02/04/2018 4
The front cover of 'Arthur'

Adventure Racing Dog

Read my review of Mikael Lindnord’s book ‘Arthur’ about a personal connection between a stray dog and elite adventure racer.

31/03/2018 1
Grounded Runner

A Sporting Holiday

Discover what I got up to during my week-long holiday abroad to stay fit and ready for my sub 5-minute mile attempts.

26/03/2018 3
Cranberrry and Kiwi Smoothie

Vegan Cranberry and Kiwi Smoothie

My recipe for a delicious and nutritious protein smoothie packed full of sweet fruit.

24/03/2018 0

Taper for Postponed Race

Read about the week leading up to my first ever one mile race and how I dealt with the postponement.

19/03/2018 1
Quote about Coping with Postponed Running Events

Coping with Postponed Events

Read my advice about how to better deal with those aspects of racing that runners cannot control.

17/03/2018 1

Personal Bests and Illness

Read about the two lifetime personal records I achieved, plus the setback I had in a pivotal week of my One Mile Challenge.

12/03/2018 0
The Coach by Patrick Mouratoglou

Lessons from an Elite Tennis Coach

Read my book review of Patrick Mouratoglou’s autobiography ‘The Coach’.

10/03/2018 0

Snow Disrupts my Training

Read about how I dealt with running in the snow and the benefits of taking a break from faster workouts.

05/03/2018 0
Runner and Coach

Two Voices in My Running

Read about the roles that runners and coaches play and how I use this in my own running.

03/03/2018 0

Demonstrating Maximum Speed

Read about the stories behind my performances this week, achieving a lifetime personal record of maximum speed.

26/02/2018 0
Inspiration for Running the Mile

My Inspiration to Run a Fast Mile

Read the three people that most motivate me to focus on running my fastest mile.

24/02/2018 0

Increasing My Mileage

My week of fast workouts to get back on track for my One Mile Challenge.

19/02/2018 2
Cacao Date Smoothie

Vegan Cacao Date Smoothie

My recipe for a smooth and filling protein smoothie, ideal to compliment

17/02/2018 2

Resting to Recharge

My fatiguing workouts and my much needed rest days during a pivotal week in my One Mile Challenge.

12/02/2018 2
Colchester Half Marathon 2012 Finish

Racing to Celebrate Family Time

Read my report from a special race in 2012, but for reasons unrelated to running.

10/02/2018 0
My 2 Mile Time-Trial

Struggling for Speed Consistency

My challenges to maintain my speed during another intense week of interval training.

05/02/2018 0
How to Run: Improve Your Speed, Stamina and Enjoyment by Hugh Jones

How to Run

My book review of ‘How to Run’ by former winner of London Marathon, Hugh Jones.

03/02/2018 2

First Signs of Progress

The pleasing performances I achieved during the fourth week of training for my One Mile Challenge.

29/01/2018 0
Running Science: Optimising Training and Performance

Advice to Optimise Your Running

The best advice from the book ‘Running Science’ edited by John Brewer.

27/01/2018 0

Overcoming An Early Injury

The challenges I faced during the third week of training for my One Mile Challenge.

22/01/2018 1
Twin Tracks: The Autobiography by Roger Bannister

Famous Contributions of Sir R Bannister

Read my book review of Sir Roger Bannister’s autobiography, Twin Tracks.

20/01/2018 3

First Complications of My Fast Training

The stories and workouts from the second week of training for my One Mile Challenge.

15/01/2018 0
Easy Vegan Fruit Protein Shake

Easy Vegan Fruit Thick Shake

My recipe for a quick, easy and tasty fruit protein shake, ideal with post-run recovery.

13/01/2018 0

My New 2018 Fast Workouts

The stories and workouts from the first week of training for my One Mile Challenge.

08/01/2018 1
3 Reasons to Run One Mile Fast

Reasons to Run a Mile Fast

Read my research behind running shorter distances to improve performances at longer races.

06/01/2018 1
Kale and Lemon Smoothie

Kale and Lemon Smoothie

A blend of fruits and vegetables that holds a little sharpness.

03/01/2018 1
1 Mile Fast - 2017

My Fast One Mile Challenge

Read about my first running goal of 2018 and my previous performances.

01/01/2018 18
The Ultra Mindset by Travis Macy

How to Gain an Ultra Mindset

Read my review of ultrarunning legend Travis Macy’s audiobook ‘The Ultra Mindset’.

30/12/2017 1
Why I Became a Club Runner

Why I Became a Club Runner

Discover the reasons I joined my local running club in December 2017 and the benefits I have experienced.

27/12/2017 5
4 Advantages of Calf Raises

Why I Commit to Calf Raises

Discover the benefits of calf raises and the catalyst for me to undertake them.

25/12/2017 3
'Get Running' book by Matt Roberts

Why Everyone Should Consider Running

Read my review of ‘Get Running’, an informative and comprehensive running book by Matt Roberts.

23/12/2017 0
Colourful Running Toe Socks

The Importance of Running Socks

Read my opinion on running socks, when I wear my toe socks and my advice to all runners.

20/12/2017 0
The Second Reason I Run

Why I Run: Reason 2

Discover my overriding motivation to view running as a lifelong pursuit.

18/12/2017 1
Forward Hang Stretch

My Favourite Post-Run Stretch

Discover which stretch I undertake first after a run and how I perform it.

16/12/2017 1