Elite Champions at 2018 European Cross Country Championships

Filip Ingebrigtsen Winning Cross Country Championship 2018

The three lessons that every runner should appreciate, on display at the 2018 Cross Country Championships in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Solutions to the Uphill Battle of Ultramarathons

Running Up That Hill by Vassos Alexander

Read more about the ultramarathon exploits of British radio personality Vassos Alexander in his book 'Running up that Hill'.

4 Reasons for the New 2018 World Half Marathon Record

Abraham Kiptum's World Record

Despite the astonishing achievement I analyse why Kenyan Abraham Kiptum had many factors in his favour as he broke the long-standing half marathon world record.

Pacing, Surging and Pain at 2018 Great South Run

Eilish McColgan's Win at Great South Run 2018

Read the battles between British athletes during the 2018 Great South Run, and the lessons all runners can learn.

4 Reasons Mo Farah Won 2018 Chicago Marathon

Mo Farah at Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Read the four main reasons I believe Britain's Mo Farah claimed the prestigious marathon major title in Chicago.

18 Miles to Celebrate my Birthday

Birthday Run

The stats and images from my first week of training for the Chelmsford Marathon 2018 (and my eighth marathon), which ended with a strong 18-mile, long run on my birthday.

Returning to my Running Club

Reducing my Training Load

The stats and stories from my seventh week of training for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018. I successfully focused on reducing my training load.

Week of Building Endurance

Building My Endurance, Injury-Free

The stats and stories from my sixth week of training for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018. I successfully focused on increasing my mileage.

Accepting a Recurring Injury

Gym Selfie

The story behind an unexpected injury that forced me to adjust my training in only my second week of preparations for the Clacton Half Marathon 2018.

Weir Wins at Home Again

David Weir racing London Marathon 2018

My opinion of David Weir, the T54 wheelchair racer, who keeps winning the London Marathon, and my thoughts on how great an athlete he is.

The Meaningful History of Running

Read how running has changed over time according to the intriguing facts I extracted from Paul Owen's book 'For the Love of Running'.

Alternative Measures of Running Success

Read my review of Lisa Jackson's book 'Your Pace or Mine?', which details her journey from fearing exercise to embracing marathons and fellow runners.

Running Tips from Lazy Girl

Discover the levelheaded approach that Laura Fountain, a UK qualified athletics coach, takes to running. The discussions in her podcast episodes remind me of the value of running buddies.

Expert Advice from Ultrarunner Lisa Tamati

Read what I extracted from Lisa's extraordinary ultrarunning adventures detailed in her book 'Running to Extremes'.

Why I Listen to the Strength Running Podcast

Discover what I have already learnt from listening to the podcast hosted by renown running coach and author Jason Fitzgerald.

Audiobook Review: ‘Eat and Run’ by Scott Jurek

Read the career successes of ultramarathon legend Scott Jurek, the people that influenced him and his running advice.

Book Review: ‘Finding Gobi’ by Dion Leonard

Read my book review of 'Finding Gobi' by Dion Leonard and discover his incredible running adventure with his small dog.

Book Review: ‘Swim Bike Run’ by Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee

Learn from the talented triathlete duo the Brownlee Brothers in my book review od 'Swim Bike Run'.

Audiobook Review: ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

Discover the running story and advice from radio personality Vassos Alexander in his audiobook book 'Don't Stop Me Now'.

Race Report: Bungay Black Dog Marathon 2017

Read my race report from an undulating Suffolk marathon, where I almost accomplished my dream of qualifying for the London Marathon.