Vegan Cacao Date Smoothie

Vegan Cacao Date Smoothie

17/02/2018 Training the Body Vegan Recipes 2
Cacao Date Smoothie

This recipe is one of my favourites as the dates thicken the smoothie, whilst the mix of fruit create a sweet and delicious taste. It is a packed full of nutrition that I enjoy before and after runs.

The frozen fruit makes the smoothie cool and refreshing. It only takes 90 seconds to produce in my high speed blender.

150g pitted dates (potassium and magnesium)

65g frozen strawberries (Vitamin C and antioxidants)

60g frozen blackberries (Vitamin K and manganese)

50g frozen blueberries (Vitamin C and E)

50g of my favourite pea protein powder

20g raw cacao powder (iron and calcium)

50 ml of cold water

Date Cacao Smoothie


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  1. Canuck Carl says:

    I always add a lot of various types of berries in my smoothies, so they look identical to your picture David. Have never tried to add dates before. Might be something I just might try! 🙂

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