How Lunges Improve Your Running

How Lunges Improve Your Running

09/10/2017 Core Exercises Training the Body 1

Lunges are a great method of strengthening your legs and improving your balance. Lunges condition large muscles used for running including the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

The smooth motion also allows you to visualise.

Position yourself with one foot forward, planted firmly on the ground with the knee bent. The back leg should be a step behind your body, your heel off the ground. Your back should be straight, with you chest out. Inhale as you lower your knee close to the ground, and exhale as you raise to your starting position. You should be able to see the tip of your front foot, even as you lower.

Forward Lunge

I undertake lunges of high reps to build my endurance, but have also completed workouts of low reps whilst holding weights as well as jumping lunges (alternating legs).

Personal Records 

Forward Lunges

Total reps in 1 minute (30 seconds on each leg) – 34

Total reps in 2 minutes (1 minute on each leg) – 66

25 lunges on each leg – 0:41

50 lunges on each leg – 1:21


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