Why Visualise Achieving your Running Goals

Why Visualise Achieving your Running Goals

25/09/2017 Training the Mind 2

If you want to achieve a running goal then you will work towards it.

If it matters enough to you then you will spend more time training. If implemented correctly your efforts will improve your chances of success.

One of the most forgotten exercises in running is visualisation. There are so many reasons to commit to this activity.

Quick – you can spend as little as a minute on this and it will still be effective

Easy – no special knowledge is needed, simply follow the five steps

Free – you do not need to rely on any equipment

Personal – this is completed alone and can be done anywhere, at any time

This technique improves your confidence because it continues to provide you with the clarity of your ambition.

There are many factors that will contribute to you achieving a running goal but no element of your training is more straightforward to implement and offers more focus than visualisation.

It can be done every day, with or without your running shoes on.


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