Press-up Training

Press-up Training

12/07/2017 Core Exercises Training the Body 2

Press-up 1

Press-ups strengthen the muscles in the arms and chest. These support and improve running posture, forward momentum and greater stability.

I find press-ups one of the most difficult core exercises. But this makes them even more important for me. I find improving the speed and endurance of my press-ups enjoyable and rewarding.

I have achieved my personal records through daily and progressive training. I am currently following the Hundred Press-up Challenge.

There are so many variations of press ups and yet the technique remains the same; straight back, fingers spread apart and head still with eyes looking between the hands.

Press-up 2

Personal records: [in order of easiest to the hardest]

Traditional / Wide-grip press-ups

Consecutive – 42

1 minute – 42

2 minutes – 73

25 press-ups – 0:32

50 press-ups – 1:11

100 press-ups – 5:58

Decline press-ups

1 minute – 33

45 press-ups – 1:52

Plyometric / Clap press-ups

Consecutive – 21


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