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Weekly Workouts ✓
Detailed Progress Tracking ✓
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Periodised Training ✓ 


Running Technique ✓ 
Core Strength ✓ 
Warm-Up Routine ✓
Recovery Checklist ✓ 


Video calls ✓ 
WhatsApp Messages ✓
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Race Strategies ✓
Sports Nutrition ✓
Stretches and Core Exercises ✓
Foam Rolling ✓

Dedicated Coach

Licenced UK Athletics Running Coach
Qualifed Personal Trainer
Inspires Running Groups
Transforms Runners

Passionate Runner

10+ Years Road Running

25+ Races (5km to 50 miles) 
15x Top 50 finishes

Former Track and X Country Runner

What Runners Say

It’s a privilege to influence runners of all abilities
and I pride myself on first-class, personalised service.

“Working with David has improved my technique, endurance and speed. 
His friendly, personal approach, always drawing on his own experiences, makes it very easy to listen to and follow his guidance. 
I’m excited to see how much more I can achieve under his tutelage.”

Liam White

“I have found David knowledgeable and committed.  
He has encouraged me to think about my running goals and he has structured my training sessions around reaching these goals.  
He also focuses on good running technique, which has helped me enjoy my running even more. All in all, a great coach.”

Ann Hird

“David is an excellent running coach.
He is extremely focused and passionate about helping me to achieve my running goals and has helped me to improve my technique by giving me new hints and tips.
It’s proof that with small adjustments you can improve your performance and enjoyment for running!”

Hayley Goldstone

Interviews with Runners + More

Paul Neill

Interview with Paul Neill

Paul Neill got into running about 16 years ago, purely from a fitness and weight-loss perspective. He was 22 stone and has now run countless 10k races, half marathons and[…]

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Harvey Gallagher

Interview with Harvey Gallagher

Harvey Gallagher is a father of five, grandfather, vegan and not-for-profit CEO. He is an avid parkrunner and GoodGym member, as well as an ambassador for Kate Percy’s GoFasterFood and[…]

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12/02/2020 0
Sophia O'Sullivan

Interview with Sophia O’Sullivan

Sophia O’Sullivan has been running for four years off and on. She started as a volunteer at Poole parkrun and eventually got the courage to join in as a runner[…]

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05/02/2020 0

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